Our Story

In 2011, Til Pleterski and Klemen Ptičak were unemployed with just a couple hundres euros in their pockets. They realised that it was not possible to find a proper burger in Ljubljana – one made from local ingredients and to unique recipes. Therefore, they decided to develop a recipe for the best burger in Slovenia. After six months of developing and testing, they made it. They presented the Hood Burger to the public in August 2012 at a stand in front of the Sax Pub. 


We Love Burgers

Hood Burger is a modern burger joint serving the most delicious beef burgers, steak sandwiches, and genuine homemade fries. High-quality ingredients are of primary importance for us, we looked for the best ones in the surrounding area. We support local producers and try to reduce the negative environmental impact of emissions by not transporting them from different parts of the world. We also love to experiment with new tastes, and enrich our menu with special edition burgers.


Our dishes are made from the best local ingredients provided only by verified producers and suppliers. Meat, vegetables, potatoes and bread are of Slovenian origin and freshly prepared on a daily basis, while the cheese is supplied by cheese-making experts from countries known for these types of cheese. All dishes are the fruit of our own recipe development and each product has its own background story.



Our core values include the desire for continuous research and learning, good personal relations, and honesty. One of our guiding principles is our commitment to support the local economy. This is realised by supporting local producers, creating new jobs and carrying various charity projects. Our values are not only reflected in our projects,but can also be felt when you visit us and establish contact with our friendly staff.


Our branch at Vič is made from recycled materials. It was built from a used shipping container, which served its turn long ago and found a new purpose at our place. Glass and paper are separated and recycled, while peanut oil waste is further processed in order to serve as biofuel. Help us keep our environment clean and recycle with us.


Keep it up

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Give some Hood

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