Hood Burger Vič


Jamova cesta 105, Ljubljana

mon - Sat 10H - 22H
sundays & holidays closed

In October 2012, our journey started right here, in front of Interspar Vič. The old catering trailer from 1992 became the cornerstone of the Hood Burger story. Ten months later, our black trailer decided to retire due to difficult working conditions that were starting to hamper the work of our team and the preparation of our delicious burgers and fries. At the same time, the demand for our burgers exceeded the supply.

We thus recycled an old shipping container from 1990, transported from the port of Trieste, and turned it into a modern kitchen. This allowed us to provide our team with appropriate working conditions. Our terrace was also built from recycled materials. EUR-pallets were used for the floor and used wood for the tables.

In August 2013, we proudly opened the “hatch” of our Hood container, a unique object worth over €100,000, which is the result of cooperation between 10 different companies and more than 40 individuals.



Hood Burger BTC


Tržnica BTC, Ljubljana

mon - Sat 10H - 22H
sundays & holidays closed

In May 2016, our second branch was opened as part of an interesting street food market concept. It is situated in a lovely wooden house near the market of BTC City, Ljubljana’s shopping centre. 

In addition to Hood Burger, five other food providers from all over the world are offered at the street food market of BTC City. Guests can relax on a large common terrace with chairs and tables. This concept fits our philosophy, enabling a pleasant outdoor gathering accompanied by delicious food and drinks.



Hood Burger Center


Nazorjeva 4, Ljubljana

mon - fri 11H - 23H

Sat 12H - 23H

sundays & holidays 12H - 22H

In November 2016, we finally opened our third restaurant in the centre of Ljubljana, located only 50m from Prešeren Square.
After four years of operations, we rearranged part of the building built in 1911. Hood Burger thus opened a new chapter in the capital. The restaurant is run in two stages
and designed in our renowned style. Elements of the shipping container, Slovenian and Slavonic oak, and concrete have been enriched with bricks taken from demolished houses in the area of Slovenska Bistrica and Slovenske Konjice. The restaurant resembles a station of the New York City Subway.

An urbanatmosphere and a smashing experience.